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so here we are, over ten pages into this

when i realize you can't go back and add commentary on pages that have already been posted. i kept thinking 'ah i can't think of anything right now i'll just put something in later.' well. tho the only thing i can really think to actually add is on page LMP01-05.. aku means evil (idk who know japanese and who doesn't but. i'm just being safe.) so it's sort of a pun.

my goal when i started this was to be finished with the first chapter by the end of the week but. it was already thursday when i started posting so i don't really think it's that much a possibility anymore. maybe my next thursday.
my other goal for this chapter is to have it be over fifteen pages. i'm not really used to doing comics with a whole bunch of pages so the story might end up seeming condensed but. i'll give it my best shot. gambatte boss-sensei.................

posted by batterboss @ October 26th, 2013, 8:27 pm  -  0 Comments

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