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i have big important and probably unfortunate news! unlike what i had originally planned, kitahara bakery is just going to be a one shot! since the beginning of the new year, i've had a lot of things happening for me, so i haven't been able to update as much as i'd like! because of that, i've gone a head and made the decision to discontinue this comic, but since i'd hate to leave it cut off in the middle of a chapter, i'm just going to make it a one shot. i do, however, have plans to continue doing comics, so look forward to seeing a new project... some time in the future! i might come back to this comic sometime in the future, but only in big, full-chapter updates. however, i don't see this happening anytime soon, so don't look for anything from this in the near future. thanks for reading and sticking with me so far, and i hope to see you guys again soon with my future projects!

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